[JapanHDV] Mona Hayami Is A New Comer To The Japanese Adult Video World


Mona Hayami is our newest amateur model. It is a new direction we are going in. We are meeting young ladies on the internet who are interested in starting a career as a Japanese adult video model. In Japan this can be a very nice job as the girls often get famous and go on to do a lot of TV work. So it can be a very nice way for a young lady to enter the entertainment world. What she needs to do is have a great first impact when she releases her first ever on screen adult film. We are happy to help these young ladies in that endeavour. Today we have endeavour Mona Hayami as our newest find. She saw an ad we placed on the internet and we asked her to meet us today in our studio to see how it would be working with her. This is a sort of, casting couch interview to see if this amateur would be suitable to become a model and work with us further. We were not sure if the photos that Mona sent us at first were really of her as she has a very nice figure for a Japanese girl. She is somewhat tall, has long sexy legs and a great set of tits. She is cute too. This is our dream, to find someone like Mona and help them develop their skills to become a seasoned actress of adult films. We hope you enjoy Miss Mona Hayami and her first ever on screen nude sex scenes.

[JapanHDV] Mona Hayami is a new comer to the Japanese adult video world