[JapanHDV] Kai Miharu Enters Into A World Of Sex Testing


This is the most bizarre day for Kai Miharu as she enters enters into a world of sex testing at the clinic. It is a strange world of wild sex and this young lady has no idea what she is getting into. She had thought that she was there to be interviewed for a trial and a study. She applied as she needed some money and thought this would be easy. She had no idea that she would end up in a crazy place with the strangest happenings around her. After her interview she returns the next night to start the trial. While waiting she hears some strange noises coming from one of the clinic’s rooms. She opens the door to find that there are doctors and nurses holding a patient down who is being probed. She has a probe inserted into her pussy and then into her ass. This is pure crazy as the trial patient is screaming to shove something in her holes. A witch appears that begins to suck some man off. She sucks him hard and gets him hard and then he hops up and startst to fuck the trial patient. What a crazy world and what could this trial be for? Whatever it is, enjoy the bizarre world of sexual trials.

[JapanHDV] Kai Miharu enters into a world of sex testing