[BratPrincess2] - Odette And Lola - Sisters Find Butt Plug In Moms Secret Drawer


Lola has found something in the secret drawer by her Mothers bed. She rushes out to show her step-sister, Odette. Odette knows exactly what the object is. She explains to her step-sister that it goes inside someones butt. Lola recalls their step-mother using an object like this with their step-father as the place holder for her cock. They speculate this was dads first placeholder, because its smaller than other ones theyve seen step-mom use. It would be really funny to the sisters to put it in their brothers butt. Lola calls danni into the room and asks him if he wants to play a game. She tells him that the game is called Look what I found in moms drawer. Danni is reluctant to play. Lola tells him that the object is a present. Its extremely rare for danni to ever receive a present. Therefore, it would be silly to refuse one of the only objects ever given to him. And the object is pretty. A boy as ugly as danni hardly deserves something so pretty. Lola tells her step-brother that he should feel very special. She reminds danni that games are fun, and this is a game, de facto hes having fun. Lola tells their step-brother to bend over. She slides her finger into her brothers butt. Dannis very embarrassed to have his butt hole fingered by his step-sister. The butt plug slides into dannis hole. The fuchsia jewel looks so nice next to dannis pink chastity! The sisters admire their work. Their step-brother is totally humiliated, locked in chastity and ass filled with a fuchsia butt plug. Lola and Odette decide to snap some pictures to send to their step-mother. Their step-mother is going to be so proud of what they have done to their step-brother. Odette wants to test the butt plug out to see if it makes their step-brother more submissive. She tells danni to worship her feet. Rule number one of every game is that danni has to do whatever his sisters say, so he worships Odettes feet. Lola holds dannis head in place for Odette as she thrusts her feet into their brothers mouth. (11:14 long)

Clip contains: Odette, Lola, Butt Plug, Brat Girls, Taboo, some Foot Worship

[BratPrincess2] - Odette and Lola - Sisters Find Butt Plug in Moms Secret Drawer